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RELIEF During Natural Calamities

Nature Makes Man Threats To Mar Man. As Such Man Is Succumbed To Calamity Natural Or Man-made. At Such Juncture Man Is Badly Victimized And Distressed. In This Hour Of Ordeals Our Organization Has Rushed To The Spot To Rescue The Man In Danger Caused By Flood, Cyclone Or Storm, Fire Or Furry Or Any Road Accidents Or Communal Riots. We Have Rendered The Service Risking The Life Of Our Volunteers To Quench The Thirst And Hunger Of The People Awaiting Surrounded By The Flood Water And To Rescue Them From Furious Fire During Arson.


The Devastating Cyclone Of 31.03.2009 Has Caused Thousands Of People Homeless In The Rajkanika Block Of Kendrapara District. 16 People Have Been Died So Far And More Than 500 People Have Been Injured. Around 50 Nos. Of Cattle Have Been Injured And Died. Thousands Of People Of 12 Villages In 7 Panchayats Have Been Badly Affected.

As Always, The Volunteers Of Utkal Bipanna Sahayata Samiti Have Rushed To The Spot Immediately To Rescue People & Give Relief To The Affected People. More Than 150 Volunteers With 2 Ambulances, Doctors & Paramedical Staff Have Been Engaged For Different Services Like Rescue, Relief, Medical Aid, Cleaning Of Roads, Food Materials & Clothes Distribution, Cooked Food Distribution Etc.

The Volunteers Have Been Rendering Their Selfless Service Day & Night For The Last 2 Days In The Affected Villages Baghagada, Ganja, Jaguleipada, Sarasa, Govindapur, Taila, Seba Sahi, Bali Sahi, Mangalpur, Maneidiha & Other Affected Villages.

2 Nos. Of Ambulances With Paramedical Staff Have Been Engaged To Give First Aid To The Injured People & To Shift The Injured People To The Rajnagar Hospital & Other Local Hospitals. Health Camps Have Been Organized In The Following Places To Give Medical Aid To The Injured People.

Name Of The Village  No. Of People Treated
 Ganja   400
 Maneidiha    150
  Seba Sahi    132
  Baghagada    182

More Than 100 Volunteers Have Been Engaged To Clean The Roads And To Help The Affected Families To Build Their Houses In The Following Villages.

Name Of The Village
Seba Sahi 

Materials Distributed By The Volunteers Of UBSS:

Biscuit-    45000 Pkts.         
Baby Food-  800 Pkts.
Saree-   6000 Pieces (2 Nos. Of Saree For Each Family)
Dhoti-     5000 (2 Nos. Of Dhoti For Each Family)
Candle    3000 Pieces
Match Box  3000 Boxes(small)
Baby Food Packets (containing Biscuit, Amul, Sagu & Sugar)- 10000 Packets
 Water Pouch 30000 Pkts.

Apart From Above 3 Nos. Of Centers Have Been Opened To Give Cooked Food At The Following Places

Name Of The Village Avg. No. Of People Treated
 Baghagada  1500
 Ganja   1000
 Maneidiha    1500


In The Coming Days, More No. Of Cooked Food Centres Will Be Opened To Give Service To The Poor Affected People Whom Will Continue For More Than 3 Days. Similarly Other Services Like Materials Distribution, Cleaning; Health Camp Etc. Will Also Be Organized For More Days.

Assistance To Train Accident Victims At Jajpur.

Our Volunteers With Two Numbers Of Ambulance Rushed To The Place Where Superfast Train “Coromandal Express” Met With An Accident Near The Jajpur Road Railway Station On 13.02.2009. Around 15 People Were Shifted To Different Hospitals For Medical Aid.

More Than 100 Volunteers Have Been Engaged To Clean The Roads And To Help The Affected Families To Built Their Houses.

Materials Distributed By The Volunteers Of UBSS So Far.

R & R

Cooked foot being served to the Phyline-2013 affected people of Gopalpur on Sea, Ganjam