There Is Huge Destruction Of Mythological Mountain MAHENDRAGIRI. Bhagawan Parsuram Mandir, Biswanath Mandir & Bhojan Mandap Is Completely Ruined & Swept Away In The Water Current Which Needs To Be Reconstructed As Thousands Of Pilgrims Visit The Temple Everyday. 


It Is Worth Mentioning That The Mythological Mountain MAHENDRAGIRI  In Gajapati District Has Been Completely Divastated By The Cylcone “TITLI” And The Subsiquent Flood & Land Slide. The People Have Been Rendered Homeless And The Casuality Is More Than 77 & Some 20 People Fighting  For Survival Which May Increase After Restoration Of Communication. The Nearby Town In Ganjam (Ghumusar) District & Aska The Flood Water Was As High As 10 Feet Due To Swelling Of River Rushikulya, Badanadi, Banshadhara & Mahendratanaya. Our Volunteers Have Reached The Site On The Very Next Day With Dry Food, Drinking Water, Blankets, Tarpoline Etc. Which Is Quite Inardiquate In Comparision To The Gamut Of Damages Coused.





Cyclone Struck Swayamsevaks Swang In To Action

Swayamsevaks Extended A Helping Hand Of Love And Support To The People In Distress. In Places Like  R. Udaygiri, Guma, Rayagada, Mohana, Nuagada, Of  Gajapati, Aska, H. Katu, Urasottampur, Gopalpur  Of Ganjam District Have Been  Hard Hit by The   flood, Rescued People & Served Them With Dry Food & Cleaned The Roads For Communication. Relief Materials Are Sent To The Affected Area.
Though The Govt. Machinery  Work Over Time For Evacuation But Could Not Reach The Vulnerable Areas On The Top Of The MAHENDRAGIRI  Where As The Swayamsevaks Have Walked Down The Entire Stretch Of Mountain Range To Reach The People  In Distress, Provided Them Food,  Water, Clothing, Blankets & Tarpoline.Swayamsevaks Cleaned The Felling Trees On The Street For Communication & Transportation Of Materials Braving The Inciscent Rain &  Thunder Shower Even At The Ewe Hours. After The Cyclone And The Flood The People Have Become Homeless & Need To Be  Gainfully Rehabilitated Or Else They May Migrate To Other States As DADAN in Search Of Engagement. During 1999 Supper Cyclone And 2013 Phyline There Was Huge Loss Of Life And Property Including Cattle. This Year Also More Than 77 Tribal People Living On The Top Of The Hill Mahendragiri Died Due To Cyclone TITLI And Subsequent Flood  And Land Slide.



Swayamsevaks Gave Sarees, Blankets & Polythene To The People Of Gajapati & Ganjam. The Relief Materials Are Meagure In  Comparision To The Gamut Of Devastation Caused. Winter Season Has  just Started Which Will Add To Miseries Of The People. More Than 325/10 School Kits Were Distributed In One Affected Village To The Small Kids Which Is Quite Insufficient. Several Other Villages Are Left Behind Waiting For The Provision For Children. Dry Food And Biscuits Are Being Distributed To The Children Who Have Remained Starved For More Than 3 Days. The Situation In Gajapati Is Very Precarious And Delicate And Need Immediate Intervention Or Else The Tribal People As Well As Orphans May Be  Hood Winked By The Human Traffickers A Medical Camp Working Round The Clock Providing Medical Assistance To The Disesed Persons. Medicines Alongwith Halogen Tablets Worth Rs.1.5 Lakhs Have Been Provided For The Marrond People Thus The Out Break Of Cholera And Other gastro-enteric Diseases Could Be Prevented. Gajapati Being A Tribal District Needs Immediate Intervention Or Else The Casuality Might Go Up.  Also The Farmers Have Lost Their Seedlings Such As Maize, Paddy, Ragi And Cotton.

The UBSS is a network of dedicated volunteers drawn from varied walks of life. It works with many other like-minded organisations from where it gets disciplined work force to carry out rescue, relief and rehabilitation work in a systematic way.

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