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We Have A Multipurpose Treatment Center In Alternative Medicine In Seva Premises (Bhubaneswar) Which Provides Facilities For Treatment Of  Physiotherapy, Acupressure, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy & Yoga. The Seva (service) Provided  Is A Milestone In Odisha And Has A Name In Above Field And Helps The Downtordden And Poverty Stricken People With Medical Health.

India Is A Land Of Culture And Its Development In Science Is Of Centuries Old. The Sages And Saints Device The Ways And Means For Healthy Living By Way Of Performing “Yoga” In An Eco Friendly Environment Which Enhances The Longevity And A Healthy Living, The Yoga  Project Promises A Better Living For The People.

Brief Account Of The Project
Type Of Treatment Avg. No. Of Patients Treated Per Month Avg. No. Of Beneficiaries Per Annum
Physiotherapy 311 3732
Homoeopathy Temporarily Suspended Temporarily Suspended
Yoga(Patanjali Yog Kendra) 600 7200
Naturopathy 38 463

1. Physiotherapy Centre :  It Is Started At 8 A.M. In The Monrning  To 12 Noon And From 4 P.M. Ot 7.30 P.M. 

2. Naturopathy Centre :  It Is Started At 8 A.M. In The Monrning  To 12 Noon And From 4 P.M. Ot 7.30 P.M. 

3. Yoga Centre :  It Is  For One Hour  From 5 A.M. To 6 A.M.  

4. Kamadhenu Prakalpa (Goshala) : As A Part Of Integrated Village Development Project Which Works On Different Use Of Cow-dung & Urine Producing Vermi Compost From Cow Dung And Other Bio-Degradeble Wastes & Medicine For Different Diseases From Cow Urine.

5. Ayurvedic (Herbal Garden) : A Herbal Garden Has Been Created By Planting Different Medicinal Plants By Which  Ayurvedic Medicines Can Be Prepared.

The UBSS is a network of dedicated volunteers drawn from varied walks of life. It works with many other like-minded organisations from where it gets disciplined work force to carry out rescue, relief and rehabilitation work in a systematic way.

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